SKA telescope developer portal

Welcome to the Square Kilometre Array software documentation portal. Whether you are a developer involved in SKA or you are simply one of our many users, all of our software processes and projects are documented in this portal.


This documentation applies to the bridging phase of the SKA project, further updates and scope changes will be published on this website. Part of the bridging phase goals will be to consolidate and enrich this portal with more detailed information. It is thus anticipated that in this phase the change rate of the documentation will be very frequent.

SKA Code of Conduct

SKA Organisation (SKAO) is committed to the highest standards of business ethics and as such expects everyone involved in SKAO-related business to uphold the standards and expected professional behavior set out in SKA Code of Ethics page .

The code of ethics applies to every SKA collaborators and it is the reference guide defining the culture of this online community of contributors.

SKA developer community

SKA software development is managed in an open and transparent way.


  • SAFe process implementation
  • Community forum

Development tools


Git is adopted as distributed version control system, and all SKA code shall be hosted in a git repository. The github organization ska-telescope can be found at . All SKA developers must have a github account and be added to the organization as part of a team.


Every team is tracking daily work in a team-based project on our JIRA server at []


  • Create a new project
  • Link to issue tracker

Development guidelines

Definition of Done

The definition of done is used to guide teams in planning and estimating the size of stories and features:

Python coding guidelines

A Python skeleton project is created for use within the SKA Telescope. This skeleton purpose is to enforce coding best practices and bootstrap the initial project setup. Any development should start by forking this skeleton project and change the apropriate files.

Developer Services

Commitment to opensource

As defined in SKA software standard, SKA software development is committed to opensource, and an open source licensing model is always preferred within SKA software development.


  • Committment to opensource
  • Exceptions