This repository is no longer supported. The Ansible roles generated in this repository have been moved to single-purpose repositories on the SKA Gitlab repository.

Common roles for Docker, Kubernetes and OpenStack Heat Clusters

Common Ansible roles that are frequently used are hosted in the Systems Common Roles repository.

Prometheus & Grafana deployment

Deployment of Prometheus is now done using the dedicated Prometheus Deployment project. Users must consult the README and check all the make variables before deployment of a Prometheus server for personal use.

SKAMPI & Minikube

Deploying minikube is best done using the dedicated Minikube Deployment project. Installation of SKAMPI should be done as per the documentation.

Other roles

The Systems Team is maintaining dedicated repositories for Gitlab runners, Rook-ceph integration, Elasticstack and other infrastructure under the Software Defined Infrastructure Gitlab group.

Ansible installation note

The PPA does not exist for Ubuntu 20.04 at the time of writing. Consult the Ansible documentation for installation steps using pip.