The Sensitivity Calculator is an application for calculating the sensitivity of the SKA Mid-Frequency Aperture Array.

The project uses Docker containers to make the results independent of host environment. Starting and stopping the Calculator is done using make. The relevant commands, run from the top level sensitivity-calculator directory, are:

  • Download the current version from engageska, the SKA repository:

    ` make pull `

  • Start the Sensitivity Calculator. That is, run the Calculator in a Docker container that publishes the web page UI at

    ` make up `

  • Stop the Sensitivity Calculator. That is, remove the Docker container:

    ` make down `

Further documentation, including a User Guide can be found in the docs folder. To build the html version of the documentation, start from the sensitivity-calculator directory and:

`cd docs; make html

Read the documentation by pointing your browser at docs/build/html/index.html.