ska_oso_pdm.sb_definition.SBDefinition) ska_oso_pdm.sb_definition.SBDefinition[source]

Create a Scheduling Block Instance from a Scheduling Block Definition.

Currently, an SBI is a snapshot of an SBD but with EB and PB IDs replaced. str | PathLike) ska_oso_pdm.sb_definition.SBDefinition[source]

Load an SBDefinition from a JSON file on disk.


path – path to SBD.


SBDefinition object ska_oso_pdm.sb_definition.SBDefinition, path: str)[source]

Save an SBI to disk. Saves an SBI (really, an SBD but with fixed IDs) the specified path. :param sbi: SBI to serialise :param path: output file to write