Create work branch

Usualy work branches are created from the main repository branch, althouh they can be created from other working branches. Regardless you should make sure you pull the latest changes from the branch you are branching from.

git pull main

Then when creating a new branch, its name must be:

  • prefixed with the story Jira ID

  • all lower case

  • use the character - to separe words

i.e abc-123-the-new-widget

git checkout -b abc-123-the-new-widget

At this point the branch exists only locally.

You can now make changes to your code and commit that changes. When doing so, remember to always:

  • Prefixed your commit message with the story JIRA ID.

  • This Jira ID, by convention, should be all upper case and followed by the “:” character

git add . # adds all changes to staging
git commit -m "ABC-123: Add awesome code"

You can now Push code and branch.

git push

And then you are ready to Create merge request.