Science Data Processor

The Science Data Processor (SDP) is part of the evolutionary prototype of the SKA. The SDP is built from software modules which produce a number of different types of artefacts. The components of the system are built as Docker images which are deployed on a Kubernetes cluster using a Helm chart. The Docker images depend on libraries containing common code.

The components of the system are integrated in the SDP integration repository, which contains the Helm chart to deploy the SDP. More details on the design of the SDP and how to run it locally or in the integration environment can be found in the SDP Integration documentation.


SDP module view

SDP Modules

The software modules are organised according to the SDP module view, shown above. Those developed so far are part of:

Controlling SDP

The main instructions for how to deploy and run the SDP are in the SDP Integration documentation.

Tutorials for controlling SDP are additionally provided in the form of Jupyter notebooks: